Cutting the clutter to reduce turnover

How Toyota drives dealership employee retention

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What do you do when employee turnover is on the rise? Toyota experienced this issue and needed a way to retain their employees. With learning, recognition and rewards opportunities promoted on non-connected sites, the programs lacked consistency, employees were confused about what was available to them and their status, and the offerings were not effective.

Join us on Wednesday, July 31, 2024 at 12:00 PM ET/ 11:00 AM CT to hear from Amy Patel, Director of Voice of the Customer and Data Governance at Toyota Motor North America and Jon Kraus, Division Vice President, Automotive at BI WORLDWIDE. They will discuss how Toyota took disparate solutions and created a centralized system to communicate, train, measure and reward their dealership employees.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How education, recognition and rewards programs drive employee retention
  • The importance of creating clear objectives and program tracking dashboards
  • The power of consolidating programs into one central performance ecosystem


Amy Patel

Director, Voice of the Customer & Data Governance
Toyota Motor North America

Amy Patel’s career spans over 20 years across diverse industries, consistently driven by a customer-centric approach. From food service to banking, warehouse logistics to automotive, Amy has championed the philosophy that prioritizing customer needs leads to business success.

As the Director of Voice of the Customer and Data Governance for Toyota Motor North America, Amy is now at the forefront of leveraging technology and data science to foster engagement and develop win-win strategies for Toyota and their dealers. Her most recent accomplishment is leading the design and launch of Toyota Engage Hub, an innovative education, recognition and rewards platform tailored for Toyota dealership employees. This initiative underscores her belief that happier, more engaged employees provide superior customer experiences, benefiting both the dealers and Toyota.

Beyond her professional achievements, Amy is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community. A breast cancer survivor, she actively contributes to Toyota’s women-focused employee resource group, Women Influencing and Impacting Toyota (WIIT). Amy has been instrumental in forming a strategic partnership between WIIT and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, positively impacting thousands of women and their families each year.

Jon Kraus

Division Vice President, Automotive

Jon Kraus is BI WORLDWIDE’s Division Vice President, Automotive, a specialized group focused on performance support strategy for uncontrolled distribution networks. He is an expert in channel/dealer engagement and an active consultant to some of the largest distribution and dealer networks in North America.

Reducing turnover